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CONGRATS glhadiator!


Year: 2006

Model: Classic LT

Engine size: 903cc

Pipes: Cobra Slashdown

Seat: Mustang, Studded

Wheels: Stock, Wire

• Kuryakyn grips
• Mustang Tank Bow Tie
• Chrome Fender Tips
• Chrome Spear Fender ornament
• Breakaway Cruise Control
• Lower Wind Deflectors
• Chrome Highway Engine Guard
• Kuryakyn Chrome Highway pegs
• Tank Instrument Chrome Cover
• K&N Chrome Air Filter
• Vulcan Chrome Radiator Cover
• Chrome Regulator Cover
• Chrome Side Covers
• Chrome Tank Edge Trim
• Chrome Fender Trim
• Kuryakyn Chrome Passenger Footboards
• Chrome Eagle Windshield Ornament
• Samsung Digital Display
• SENA 20s Comm/Nav system
• SENA Handlebar Remote
• Chrome Brake Reservoir Cover
• Chrome Front Brake Caliper Cover
• Power Commander II
• Chrome Bolt Head Covers
• Michelin Commander II Tires
• Chrome Eagle License Plate Cover

Want to See her? Click on this link: https://youtu.be/o5pCLBWeMj0

And the story:

"A couple of the guys at the Company are going to the Kawasaki Dealership to buy a motorcycle. They said there is a nice Vulcan there. I remember you said that you loved the Vulcan and wanted one someday. I think we should go and see if you want to buy it."

The look on my face must've been priceless! We guys just aren't prepared how to react when statements like that come out of our wifes mouth. So I stood there with this dumbfounded look trying to figure out if I really heard her say that.

"Are you OK?", she asked.

I quickly snapped out of my stupor and grabbed the car keys. I wasn't going to discuss it. I heard; "...if you want to buy it."

So I replied, "Let's go."

It turned out to be a great decision. When I got there I saw this beautiful Vulcan that someone had put on the showroom floor on consignment.

I inspected the bike with a skilled and experienced Detailer eye. I could tell that it had never been stored outside. In fact I was positive it had never even been ridden in inclement weather! It already had some nice, and expensive, accessories (Mustang Seat and Cobra Pipes).

The Manager told me that it was a two owner bike. The last owner had rarely ridden it and decide to sell it. At more than a thousand dollars below the Blue Book price! Then the manager said he would let me have it for five hundred less than that! The bike only had 24,000 thousand miles on it.

I had to test drive it of course. It fired up and purred easily. It rode as well as it looked.

I bought it as soon as I returned from the test ride.

I loved the look of the bike and where the original owner was going with the upgrades. Since I was buying this bike to keep it until the end of days I began putting upgrades on her without worrying about getting a return value if I sold it.

I was right about it having never been stored outside or ridden in inclement weather. I spent a few weeks giving her a very detailed cleaning and polish (which is how she got the name 'Buffy. She does not disappoint.

I still have a few things I plan on doing with her as far as upgrades, but I think she looks pretty nice.

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Thanks to the other riders for entering your bikes so there would be a contest. I really liked every entry in the contest. Great bunch of bikes.

I feel that peer driven contests like this one are some of the best type. It's all about regular, everyday riders that love their bike.

I am very proud to have my bike recognized by the community here on the forum. Thank you to all the members that took the time to review the entries and vote.

Buffy loves the attention!

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Congrats, I like the 06.
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I tried to enter the contest on my phone but am easily deterred by mobile difficulty; I never found my way back to vote. There is always next time.

Nevertheless, I love that Bike Glhadiator. I ride a custom that is equally cared for. I keep it spotless as impetus to keep the rubber side down. So far so good!

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Yep, she's a beauty. I even built her own personal bike garage! Of course it blew my entire modding budget for the year!

The forum needs to get behind the Bike contest. It was discontinued for awhile due to lack of interest and participation. I'm working on a few ideas to help promote the contest. But, if no one gets behind them it will go away. That would be sad indeed. I love these peer driven contests as a way for riders to show their admiration and support to fellow riders.

And...I expect to see that Custom entered in the next contest!
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