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EJK advise

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I bought an EJK for my 2009 VN1700 Nomad that I had all the baffles out and a BAK, using the pre-set settings and things were great....Till I totaled her out..

Now I have a new, (2013) all I have on her at the moment is V&H slip-ons, no air yet.
Any advice on EJK settings?
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Add the BAK and keep the EJK settings like you had them on the totalled bike. Why change what worked.
I intend to but these thing take money
Write down the setting you were running on your old motorcycle and set your EJK back to the factory settings till you add the BAK. That is the beauty of running a EJK... they are easy to change. I am running the stock air box with V&H slip-ons and my EJK is set close to Dobecks settings.
you can run the stock settings just fine. But I dosnt hurt to try new settings ..I have a couple of favorite settings depending on weather.
Got it dialed in pretty well for my configuration, at least till I get my air.
G = 1
Y = 1.5
R = .5
G/B = .5
Y/B = 3
R/B = 4

also dropped my idle by 50
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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