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After months of the rattle/ring in my 500 mufflers and a couple of times taking them on and off I found a simple fix.
1. Remove muffler.
2. Look inside the inlet end and you will see a thin walled tube sticking up a couple of inches in. If its a little bit loose it rattles and rings against the inner wall of the muffler.
3. Get a pretty good size cold chisel, not super sharp so you don't cut the thin inside tube.
4. Set the corner of the chisel on top of the thin inner tubing and give it a good wack with a large hammer. (Kind of like working on a Harley) Don't cut the tube. Hit it just hard enough to drive a little v shaped piece of metal out.
5. Do this 6 or 8 times spaced evenly like the lug nuts on a car wheel.
6. Smack the side of the muffler with your hand to check for ring. If no ringing vibration, congrats, you fixed it!
This procedure drives a bit of metal outwards and traps that inner metal tubing tight against the inner muffler wall again.
This took about 1/2 hour and my rattling mufflers are as quiet as new now.
Tip. Don't get carried away making these dings. Best to leave some spaces in case it loosens up in the future and needs re-wacking.

Live long and wacky! (Spock, I think)
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