I have a set of used Easy Brackets for mounting saddlebags on a VN900C, but should be good for other VN900 models. I purchased these new about 5 years ago and have not had any issues, the only reason I am selling is that I went to a permanent mount when I installed larger bags. These brackets will make you bags stick out about an inch further, and with the larger bags I purchased, it didn't quite look right. I see they are making cheap Chinese knockoffs now, but go on Amazon and read their reviews. I have all the hardware, except washers for under the bolt heads for inside the bags. They could use a quick paint touch up on the side that mounts on the studs, nothing you would see once mounted. The first pick is a stock photo, the second is what the studs look like once the bags are removed. I even have both keys. These are no longer made and will last longer than the imported stuff from Amazon. Shoot me an offer, buyer to pay shipping from 98272