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Just received my 2011 Vaquero back from a local Kawasaki shop that dyno tuned it for me. I'd given it a try with a Dobeck TFI for several months and gave up and installed a Power Commander V. But I have a question about the results before I start jacking with it.

Bike modification: Freedom 2-1 Combat, Chuckster Intake with factory cover, Power Commander V, Thunder Manufacturing Throttle Body Gasket. All stock otherwise.

Altitude is 5000 feet

Dropped bike off with TONS of decal popping which was the major reason I went this route.

FIRST RUN with Dyno Jet map intended for V&H 2-1 exhaust and FACTORY intake gets me 91.77 ft lbs of torque and 74.68 HP.

Adjustments were made with gain of HP in top end and LOSS of torque in low end. Tech states that the low end was TOO LEAN and needed to be richened up. 3* timing advance was added to the 0% THROTTLE as well as fuel added there to resolve the decel popping, which seems much better.

LAST RUN with new map now makes 87.47 ft labs of torque (-4.3 from first run) and 78.34 HP (+3.66 over 1st run).

What I would like to know is the following:
- Can I revert the low end fuel adjustments back to what they were while leaving the top end fuel adjustments alone without putting the engine in danger?
- Do you see something in the air/fuel mix that would tell you that it's not safe to lean out the bottom end?
- Is there anything else you would change in your experience?
- What RPM ranges should I adjust to retune to max torque in your experience?

Here's the dyno printout. Please remember I'm at 5000 ft elevation. The forum won't let me upload the map. I'll post links to them BELOW if anyone wants to review them for me.

CCI09082015 by Jason Holland

Link to Maps:

Provided map for V&H 2-1 and FACTORY intake

Dyno Tuned Map from shop

Thank you for your assistance in advance!
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