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Hello everyone! I am trying to get some clarity on what I need to do here before I proceed to tear this bike down past the point of no return. I am pretty mechanically inclined but I just got my 04 1600 classic a few months ago and I am 95% sure that it needs a clutch replacement. The bike has 42,000 miles on it. I am noticing slippage mainly in 4th-5th gear under acceleration (i have switched some oils but all have been wet clutch compatible and I have a lot of questions that I would like answered but I will start with some general and see where this goes.

Some background: Bike still drives. I have ordered a barnett clutch kit with all 8 friction (2.0mm standard)/ 7 steel plates, heavy duty diaphram clutch spring and OEM clutch cover gasket, exhaust flange gaskets and new exhaust flange nuts.

My main question is around the inner clutch hub. It isn't clear to me, from the manual, if this part has to be diassembled in order to replace the friction/steel plates and clutch spring. The process for disassembly begins with the removal of the components listed above (hub nut, various washers, spring, friction/steel plates, and THEN the removal of the inner hub) One would assume to replace the clutch plates you could just reverse the disassembly from this point and reinstall the new clutch plates (providing you take your measurements of the steel plate thickness and achieve the desired results. correct? the next step in the manual refers to tearing the inner hub down which then refers to using "chewing gum" as a measurement tool for reassembly. this is where I begin saying...ummmm, no I don't think i will be trying that method to put my clutch back together. I was rather surprised to read this in the manual but it really made me second guess trying this job.

Any advice at this point is helpful!
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