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Eng size:900

Pipes:stock, gutted

Seat:Saddleman studded Solo

Wheels:Stock spoked, with ME880 on the rear, and the front will get an ME880 when the stocker wears out (next spring)

Accessories:Saddleman studded Desperado slant bags, Saddleman studded solo seat,
Memphis Shades 17" slim windshield, Memphis Shades lowers, Custom made radiator grill,
Chilhowee fringed lever covers, Mustang tank bib, custom made 3" risers, FIAMM low tone trumpet horn,Joker Machine Chrome License Plate Frame - Blind Hole
and after x-mas it will have Flanders 10" mini apes and new grips.
also, I have done the license plate relocate. the reflector has been removed from above the plate and the plate moved up to just under the plate light assy. but I dont have pics of that.

And the story:I got this bike after 20 year out of the saddle. gave up my CB750F for my bride to be (her significant other b4 me was killed on his bike. I knew them both b4 the accident, so I knew how she truely felt about bikes)
20 years later, I needed to get back in the saddle. was looking at several bikes, but the
belt drive was a real kicker for me. walked into the dealer and saw this bike sitting right insed the door. the color caught my eye instantly. I sat on it, the salesman asked if he could help me, I told him to sharpen his pencil, i was buying this bike. two ays later, rode it home, havent stopped riding it since. as a matter of fact, i ride it so ofter, when I *do* get in my minivan, its feels pretty awkward, lol
I got it in june of 07 and already have 20,000 miles on her. not a ton of miles, but I do live in wisconsin. gads, I hate winter!!!
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