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Yes it does happen to us all the dreaded fuel inlet breakage i have 2 to replace of my own made ,my puller and well if you make one you might as well make 5 so i did so if you need a puller for yours drop me a line what do you say to 7 dollars shipping included .you will still need a 1/4 x 20 tap to tap the old insert if you want me to include the tap add 7.00 more (Irwin 8120 Fractional Tap) is what i will send with the puller.

the hard part is removing the carb from the bike here is the link to the video i watched https://youtu.be/XyjLyKsHyvI

I also have replacement socket head screws and washers for the bowl ,slide cap (stainless steel) if you don't like the philips screws 2.00
am getting the rest of the carb screws in soon so they will all be socket head ss

usps first class free
usps priority 5.00? flat rate box.(what ever they charge no extra)

fast shipping on request but it will be more will use smallest and cheapest otherwise usps first class


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