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good morning!
I'd like to begin the process of going to a fully custom exhaust and to do that I need to find new exhaust header pipes for the Nomad. Back when I bought the bike I took the original off and dumped the goat belly and then rode it for quite awhile without adding support to the the original pipes that were there. Low and behold I broke my front pipe at the flange point and luckily I had a shop close by that could do miracles and repaired the header pipe flange. However I had them do a "custom" dual pipe straight setup that looked great and sounds viscous especially in the 2" pipes I had them do it with but to make that repair they had to cut the header pipe super short to make the pipes match up. I know this all in hindsight wasn't the brightest but there we have it so my main problem is finding the header pipes for the Nomad or seeing if other motorcycles will have the same size setup as mine. so any information on that would be great! Also black chromed or ceramic coating black... which would you choose and why?

Thanks for the info, if there is already a post regarding this issue please post a link as I haven't found it yet.
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