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Hey, I recently had a mishap on my VN900. I had installed the Kawasaki crashbar and am happy to report that it is a well built unit and functions up to the limits of how much I accidentally tested to. I am also glad that I was wearing my leather stuff and a Kabuto full faced helmet.

I dropped down a hill and around a slight curve to find a suv that i had been riding behind for over ten miles was stopped in the middle of the highway. I generally follow at a good distance to allow anything that the traffic has going on to have room to do whatever and allow me to have a lot of time and distance to be able to make decisions on what to do. I was at fault because I was giving the wave to some other bikes heading the other direction and then noticed the suv not moving. I grabbed the brakes and concentrated on keeping the tires on the ground so I could loose as much speed as I could and maybe avoid hitting the suv. The suv noticed me and started moving forward but not fast enough. I hit the suv and found myself on the side of the road on my knees.

The shop that has the bike has been figuring out the parts list of damaged parts and asked me how can I do damage on all four sides of the bike and not even scratch or break a turn signal. I seriously do not know, because I closed my eyes on contact and don't have a clue of what actually hit where and then what happened next. I do know that i bent both sides of the handlebars and the crashbars on both sides of the bike. I dented the tank on both sides and ripped the left grip off of the bars. I ripped the headlight off and damaged the sissy bar on the right side. I did damage to the end of the Hard Krome pipes. I am told that I didn't bend the frame but bent some tabs on the frame. I will find out if it is totaled sometimes next week.

I broke the metatarsal bone in my left thumb and suffered some road rash on my right arm and a half dollar size hole in my elbow. I have some trauma on my right arm that has gotten better as the swelling has subsided and the soreness is slowly getting better. I have leather Icon pursuit gloves that and all scuffed up on the fingers, palm, hard knuckles but other than the broken bone, my hands didn't suffer have any damage. I have a hole in the right sleeve of my Wilson leather jacket and it is scuffed up on the right side. The road rash that I did get happened because the sleeve slid up my arm at some part of the crash. My chaps had a scuff on the left knee and I had a sore there and is scuffed on the right side and I had a quarter sized bruise on my hip. My Redwing sidezip 8" hardened toe boot is well worn into the composite toe of the right boot but my feet and ankles were not hurt. My left ankle got bumped somewhere and it hurt to walk far a little while but nothing was broken.
I hope someone can learn something from my experience, I know I did. :smile2:
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