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I like to know when my radiator fan is on because sometimes I can’t hear it, then I wonder if the fan or fan switch could be malfunctioning. In the past, I have tested temp switches, fan switches, and the fans whereas all tested good. Yet, I still had Vulcans overheat due to one of those components malfunctioning. (My 1994 1500 didn’t even have a dummy light.)

So I made two modifications on my 1996 800 Vulcan Classic:

1. I installed a fan indicator light underneath the blinker indicator light. I used amber. When the fan comes on, the light comes on. Now I know. (Before and after pics attached.)

2. I installed a Trail Tech TTO temperature gauge on the triple tree. (TT makes a sensor that simply replaces the 6mm temperature warning switch, or the 6mm drain bolt; I used the drain bolt.)

Overkill? Yep. Just me. But at least now I can monitor my entire cooling system in this Texas summer heat as well as establishing some baselines. Plus, the mods were fun to do. It was cold, and I was bored.


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