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This past weekend I was on a group ride around the Seattle area. We went to see memorials to a couple of Seattle legends; Jimi Hendrix and Bruce Lee. Then we motored to a local bookstore to meet the author of a new children's book about motorcycles. Motomice! I picked up a copy for my two-year-old grandson -- it is a hit, big time.

The book starts with, "Everyone knows what bikers are like." It gives the stereotyped public view -- basically, we're all 1%'ers. Then we find out, no, there are lots of different sorts of bikers, and they all respect each other. In the end, all the bikers go to a bike rally together.

The illustrations were done in colored pencil and each one took about 2 1/2 weeks to finish -- not counting the ones he almost finished, then smudged the tires! Unlike the very few motorcycle pictures in other children's books, the bikes look like real bikes with great detail.

The author/artist, Paul Owen Lewis, is a cool guy, and has won an American Book Award for Children's Literature for one of this other books. He is a for-real motorcyclist and has been since he was struggling through art school and found out motorcycle insurance would only cost him $15 a month compared to the $180 a month he was paying to insure his old Toyota beater. He'll be at Sturgis this year, guest of the festival, hanging out in some VIP events and going on some rides. They're loaning him a new Indian for the rides. (Life is good, eh?)

If you have a little one in your life, it's a pretty nifty pick.


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