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Complete set of 8 HLA''s 1500 1600 engines

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I purchased a complete new set of HLA lifters for my 1600 but recently found out my clicking noise in my engine is not my HLA's so I do not need these now. My noise is the Cam chain adjusters being too loose. I paid quite a bit for these HLA's but I am selling them cheap to get them sold quickly for $125.00 for the complete set. I will also cover the shipping for these too. Email me at my user name Inkydoggy and gmail.com to get the information faster then a private message if you want these. Someone should jump on the fast as they are 79 a piece from Kawasaki if you get them there. I can do PayPal for these if you want to pay that way.:)
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I dropped the price to get rid of these as I know I will not be using them. They should go to someone who needs them to stop their clicking worn out ones. Now Only $125.00 for all eight of them a complete set brand new HLA's and the shipping is also paid by me.
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