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Greetings, all. I was recently shopping for a bike that is more comfortable for my passenger and came across a new 2012 Nomad at the local dealership. She liked it so I went for it.

My first bike was a CB77 Honda 305 Superhawk. Loved it.

I wish I had our old 1956 Microbus not because it was a good car but because those are cherished by so many these days. $$

My current rides are in my signature. Until the recent purchase, my main touring bike, the one my passenger was least uncomfortable on, was the '06 Weestrom. I was really hoping she'd like the Moto Guzzis but they make her feel insecure. The Griso is an absolute gas. It's been to California. The V7 Classic has been to Manitoba and Saskatchewan. They're both comfy enough for this rider.

For years, when I need to carry more than would fit in the panniers and trunk, I'd lash a duffle across the passenger seat. When the passenger seat became occupied by more precious cargo, and that cargo had luggage needs, I added a trailer.

I'm in the process of getting a modified trailer tongue to pull the trailer behind the Nomad. The original scheme using the bike's rear axle won't work with the Nomad. Actually, I found this forum looking for tips on where and how to connect to the bike's wiring for the trailer plug.
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