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Hi all.
When I was buying my 900 Classic (2012) it had Cobra pipes fitted ( I think Speedsters) but the dealer said although it had the sensor holes blanked off and resistor plugs fitted the FI light came on after 15 miles. He said it sounded great though.
I asked him to fit the original pipes which he did, and gave me the Cobras and the parts along with them.
The bike runs fine, but I would like to try the Cobras myself, as I prefer the looks over the standard pipes.
Someone on another forum told me I would need to do a "cold reset" when I refit the Cobras, disconnecting the battery and turning on lights etc, then starting the bike without touching the throttle and letting it warm up on its own, before riding. He said the ECU would then reset itself to suit the Cobras.
I know he's had 2 900 Vulcans and has lots of bike experience from his other informed comments on that forum.
What are others experience with fitting less restrictive pipes on these bikes? From the comments on the Cobra website I think it suggests fitting a power commander etc.
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