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I'm selling the (loud) pipes that came on my '97 800 Classic. I can't find a brand name on them, but folks on this site that know more than me id'd them as Cobra's. I don't know what other models they'll fit, but I'd imagine they'll fit others.... I went back to stock pipes, and my neighbors are much happier. The pipes are in good shape, other than a bit of plastic deposit from where the previous owner's raincoat brushed them when hot (see picture). It can probably be cleaned off without too much trouble.

I thought I'd give folks on this site an opportunity to buy them cheaper than I've listed them on Ebay. I'm asking $130 here, plus the actual cost to ship them via U.S. mail (that's determined by zip code from 24370, with a shipping wt of 19lbs 10oz, plus the "oversize" charge).

I'll be happy to answer any questions I can. You can reach me at [email protected]. Thanks for looking!



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