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Cobra Fatty Bar opinions

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Looking for opinions on the Cobra Fatty bars vs the standard.

Looking to order one for my 2007 VN1600A Classic. But its hard when ordering "sight-unseen" A friend says that .25" is not that much weaker from the added .50" of the fatty bar. And a lot has to do with the welded mountings the bar is connected to. A lot of the postings in this forum I notice talk about how it looks nice. But Im more into the function.

Would the fatty bars get in the way of the foot controls (Ive read someplace) If I ever put forward controls on the bike, would the standard work better? or would the fatty bars get in the way? My wife wants me to order them today. But Im a research nut. And being a family guy. I had to set money aside to get them.

Looks wise, Im not too pickey. if shes got 2 wheels. I love her. haha But I have read people saying that with larger bikes the Fatty 1.5" bars looked better. But again. In the end, I like the function of added protection. And future Desert Dawgs and foot pegs.

Thenks for any input ya'll
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I have fat bars. They do look better and no, they don't interfere with the controls.
I have fat bars. They do look better and no, they don't interfere with the controls.
How are they on curves? I read other bike forums as I search for opinions and info and one out of 50 guys said that his Fatties scrap in turns before his floorboards do. But I think he is on a VTX bike.

I ask that question because as I am still a new and rookie rider. I tend to take my turns and leans pretty far. As I was told to learn my lean limits. That and I know she aint no sports bike. But I am addicted to the lean. And compression on the seat. But do they scrape?

Again my girlfriend :) is a 2007 Vulcan 1600 Classic.
No, they don't hit the ground on curves. In fact, I have foot pegs on mine and they don't hit either.


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Found the directions online. Looks as if the top half of the bars are not against the frame. Looks like they are off-set on the inside of the bikes frame. How secure is that setup? Sounds less secure to me.
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