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Coming off an 02, but will fit any year Meanie or Marauder. They have been on the bike for about 6 months.

I just installed VTX shocks last week which lowered the bike and on the first test run they briefly scraped on the ground on a right hand turn from a stop sign... Have not ridden since. There are small surface scrapes on the bottom of the tip and very, VERY minor surface scrapes on the last couple inches of the pipe heat shields. Since they are on the bottom, you have to be lying on the ground looking up to see them. I will try and get some photos of those later. The rest of the pipes are spotless.

These include the special mounting bracket and any non-stock hardware. You will need to get your own gaskets.

They sound great and throaty without being overly obnoxious.

Will post pics later this evening, or email me and I can send you pics from my phone. stevenono at yahoo dot com.

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