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Clicking sound when shifting

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I'm having a clicking sound when shifting and the shifting is not softer, downshifting sometimes requires to rev the engine to downshift too, this is happening when the engine is hot, the clicking sound comes most of the times on 1st, 2nd and 3rd, it's happening on trafic from when i'm stoping and going on traffic, most of the time when releasing the clutch lever without accelerating i hear like clap sound, i've asked my mechanic and it said it's the engine oil. I'm using Motul 10W40 and the temperatures in my country varies from 68F to 89-92F he told me that it might be a matter of changing the engine oil to 10W50 or 20W50.
What do you think ? it is just a matter of changing the engine viscosity or is another problem ? the sound is like the sound when shifting to 1st on cold or a stop sign.
Any help will be appreciated.

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I run 10w40 Kawasaki oil in my 800 and 1700 Voyager year round, and ride year round with temps getting down to around 20f in the winter to 100 and above in the summer. The only time I've ever heard a clicking in my 800 is on near red line shifts from 1st to 2nd, its more like as if it didnt shift completely. Possibly a bent shift fork.
The clicking sound is not when shifting directly it's when for example I'm already in second gear and I stop on traffic then when I start releasing the clutch again to start moving I hear the click but is not happening all of the times its only when the motorcycle is hot, and the temperature in my area is constant summer time even on winter is even warmer.
Check the drive chain for being worn, sprockets for wear and being hooked.
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