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Hi Smedlin, The chirping is high frequency and only under a load driving 50 -58 mph (any gear) goes away at 60 mph. Then comes back at 70 thru 75. Above 75, purrs like a kitten.
Two of the three dealers test drove it and said yes theres a problem. But no we dont know what it is. The third dealer I paid them to put it on the dyno and to track down the source of the noise. I was told it's coming from the front pulley shaft. So I pulled the shaft and replaced both bearing. I found nothing out of the ordinary. And the noise remains the same.
If you feather the clutch at 50 mph the noise is gone. Let off the throttle and it's gone...When I run it on my lift with no load, no noise. I have pulled the primary and rotor out and find nothing that might be causing this. What am I missing?

Thanks for the interest. This thing is kicking my butt.
Do you have to split the case to replace the bearings?!
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