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this may sound a little funny, however its cheap and tried and tested
I tried a custom part and the custom shop sent me two front axle chome
caps which ran me about 15$ one side fitted and the other didn't I couldn't
use them .every time i cleaned my bike seeing 2 hole in my front axle wasn't
what i wanted to see so I went to home depot and got two chome cabinet
door knobs the same diameter and they had them these are kinda sunk in
the middle but look great now you got to get something to hold them in place
i use the screen tube that hold your screen on your door in place i cut two
small piece no bigger than quarter of an inch then because its a tube slice
to tube open and wrap around the edge of the crome knob one piece on the
top and one on the buttom fit in place if its loose you may need a bigger
diameter tube . so far its been on there all season and ive hit some bad road
going threw boston. again it sound cheap but it really looks good ! I haven't
been able to get my picture up on this site yet I'm not good on computer ive
sent two emails to the admin. and herd nothing :confused:
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