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Hello everyone, I thought I'd share my experience changing the fuel pump on my bike. I was living in the UK the last three years and the bike sat in storage all that time. Just sitting isn't good for it as you can imagine, and I was trying to get it back up and running last month when i returned to Houston. I thought it must be dirty fuel injectors so I drained the fuel and added some injector cleaner, but still would not run.

It would crank just fine when spraying carb cleaner directly into the intake, but would not stay up and running so I decided to pull out the fuel pump and check it. Sure enough I pulled it out and hooked it up to a battery and could get nothing. I called a dealer and the fuel pump was like $500! I noticed it had a Mitsubishi logo and a part number on the bottom of it though so I took it down to the local auto parts store to get them to look it up.

Sure enough they said it was from an '89 Galant and I could get a refurbished one for $140 after the core exchange. "Freaking sweet!" I thought to myself, all the while patting myself on the back for how smart I was not to get ripped off by Kawasaki.

Unfortunately I wasn't so smart as I thought. While the fuel pump worked perfectly and after cleaning the spark plugs the bike runs just like it was brand new. The trouble you ask? Like an idiot I left the tank upside down for about 6 hours on top of a pillow in the garage. When I went to lift it up the fuel had leaked out of the top and soaked into the pillow where it just sat against the paint. And of course it also had the injector cleaner in it, which is basically the same as paint remover.

The entire top of the tank is now down to bare metal. You can see pics of it in my gallery. So all the money I saved doing the work myself will now be spent on re-painting my tank! What an idiot I felt like! I even thought I should drain the tank, but figured I'd only have it upside down for a few hours and it should be fine. BAH! I'm a moron!!
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