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Changing Brake pads

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I just replaced my front brake pads. Should the pads be in constant contact of the rotor? First time I've ever done it myself.
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That's correct for all disc brakes. If you're that new to this type of maintenance, do yourself a favor and get your hands on a repair manual. You really want to know you did it right before hitting the road.
Thanks. I have the manual but it's pretty vague in that area.

Any idea the size of the rear axle nut? Manual doesn't mention that either. Quick google search suggests it's a 27 mm.

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I ran out and checked ; 27 is right. 23 feels sloppy on the axle. That's probably 22. I always use a large crescent wrench on the pulley side. If you're getting ready to pull the rear wheel, take the brake caliper off the bracket first. I can never get the wheel back on with caliper attached and you need the bracket to be on the axle to get it apart.
Thanks! I ran to the store and grabbed one.
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