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I recently put some Harley mufflers on my bike to make it a little louder (left as stock). Before I installed new jets I put a K&N air filter on too. I bought these jets, put them in and it runs like a totally different bike! It’s fun again to ride! The powerband is through the whole throttle, whereas it was only the top half before.

I paid $30 + tax from eBay here.... 99-09 Kawasaki EN500 EN 500 VULCAN LTD Stage 2 Carburetor JET kit 38 108 | eBay.

I was able to install the jets without totally removing the carbs. I don’t know if I had to or not I removed the gas tank (empty as possible), side covers and loosened all 4 carb boots and took off the bowls. 1 at a time and used a $2.99 offset screwdriver I bought from harbor Freight.

depending on your skill level and motivation it’s about a 2 hour job.....took me 6 hrs 🤣
Any questions I can confidently reply to, I will.

At least I can go for a joyful blast during these coronavirus times.
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