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I have previously posted that I had the Autotune option for the PCV(5) and thought it worked great. Man when I **** up it is a dussey. However after getting a Dyno run to check HP and Air/Fuel ratio I discovered just how delusional i can be at times.

Al tho I cannot say the product does not function, is defective or misrepresented (no law suites please, no damage just bruised ego :eek:), I have found my logic and reasoning to be somewhat flawed :eek:.

Reading and comprehending is a must when attempting new gadgets,(note to self remember this):rolleyes:.

I mistakenly assumed(there is that word again) the O2 sensor could go anywhere on the exhaust pipe, WRONG, if you check my pic's you will see i placed the O2 sensor about 5 inches down from the exhaust port on the pipe, only place i could find that the sensor would fit and not ruin the looks of the sweet Cobra pipes.

After talking to some gear head friends of mine and getting "WTF man the sensor has to be far away from the engine" I realized that the sensor was getting toasted from the heat, causing a rich mixture reading all the time, thus triggering the device to constantly lower the A/F mixture, to the point where I (the bike) was running an average of 18.1 :eek: Waaaayyyy to lean, (great gas mileage thought;) ).

Annny way, my thought now is "if you really want to ruin a sweet set of pipes, put the thing at the rear of the pipe, other wise get a Dyno tune"

On a more positive note I have a good Autotune product which i will let go cheap, preferably to someone who is not as dumb as me(or a crotch rocket rider:)).

Humbled in my quest for perfection.

Ride safe and keep the shiny bits in the air.
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