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Cardo Systems is a world leader in Bluetooth communication systems for anything that uses a protective helmet. Based out of Pittsburgh, PA, Scala has expended and is now used in 60 countries worldwide.

After getting a Scala Rider G4 Multi-Communicator system we had to try this for ourselves. We let Jason test this at the end of last summer with many different people and the Scala Rider G4 performed as advertised. Jason loved the ability to hook his phone up to the Scala Rider G4 via Bluetooth and listen to MP3 music or Pandora, also having the ability to receive phone calls if needed. Jason is an on-call Firefighter/Paramedic so being able to be reached by phone while out on a cruise is never a bad thing. As far as call quality, it was described as "sounded better than if he was on speakerphone".

The G4 system allows up to 10hrs of talk time, within a 1 mile radius. The FM Radio is a nice option that you can pre-set 6 different stations to flip through while riding. You can ride

your bike to work and not miss that morning talk show or use it when you want to change things up from your MP3 player or Pandora.

If you're interested in a Scala Rider G4 system or if you have ANY other questions please visit our website HERE or call Jason at 888-784-4327 ext 210 or e-mail him at [email protected]

The device is not as large as other systems and here you can see it mounted to his Scorpion Helmet.

Here you can see the microphone up close installed inside the helmet.

You can update/charge the G4 with a USB or the power cable it comes with.
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