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well i will soon be buying a coupe. looking to get a g35 but who knows what i get. first question but not the most important is: what type of car would you guys buy? i really want it to be a v6 under 10k more like 8k so i have money left over for goodies and i am buying it used.

so another question which is my main question.

What alarm to get?
i currently have a viper 5902 on my 04 rav4. and if people know that alarm they know it is great.
heres a couple of good points about the viper 5902.:
  • 1 mile range
  • 2 way alarm feature so my remote tells me what is happening to my car
  • the remote has 2 car feature meaning it can be connected to 2 cars with the viper alarm'
  • a lot of addons such as proxmitey senor, talking alarm, window roll module
  • has AUX outputs to control things like radio, defroster, convertiable top
  • SmartStart is a phone app that makes your phone work as a remote as long as you have internet, so basically unlimited range but $90 a year
  • theres more but it just doesnt come to my mind
the second alarm system i have beening eyeing for a while now is the ST800. since most people do not know about it.. heres a link to the company page http://www.auto-innovatio.com/magento/english/smart-system-st800-smart-key-security.html
and heres a link to the video review of it.
heres some info about the ST800
  • not that good of a range as compared to the viper
  • have the option of having a 2 way alarm for extra money
  • keyless entry so no need for remote
  • comes with a keypad so incase you left the keys inside the car or your remote has died
  • comes with window and AUX modules so no need for extra stuff
so the main reason i want to get these 2. i like having the feature of remote start. the viper has a great range and i love the remotes. i currently have the color hd remote and the normal lcd remote. the 2 way feature is great; the remote is loud and also vibrates. but the range was the reason i bought it. and i have tested the range and it works GREAT! also the ability to add the smart start is great too if i ever actually pay the money lol.

the main reason i want to get the st800 is the cool factor and the no keys needed part. you do lose the steering lock tho. if i do get the alarm i will most likely get the 2 way but for the price difference it is too much from what i think. but this alarm is basically in my head because it is "cool"..

so now that you guys know the facts. what would you choose? and if you have other suggestions then let me know!

thanks guys.

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My car is 13 years old, no security system, if anybody wants to steal it they can have it. Anyway, I ride the bike and the car sits in the driveway, until it rains - which hasn't happened much here in Texas in the past year. I'd rather buy a cheap car and use the money I saved for more motorcycle related goodies!
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