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For any Canadian customer who bought their ride new when Kawi was throwing in one year KPP.

Anyone who purchased a new Voyager, or any other new Kawasaki for that matter, and received the promotional 1 year extended coverage only, you MAY be able to further extend that coverage an additional 3 years, for a total of 4 years extended coverage, before your standard factory warranty is up. Canadian Kawasaki is doing this on a case by case basis. The dealer who spearheaded this perk is Niagara Race Crafters Inc. and Ryan is your contact. Their toll free phone # is (855) 468-0076 and Ryan’s extension is 2. If approved, you'll get full credit for the promotional 1 year against the extended 4 year and pay only the difference.

In my case, swapping out the free one year for a 4 year (total 7 years coverage) was $1100 plus HST, after credit back for the 1 year.

This is a big deal: if you wanted more than the free 1 yr KPP, it had to be bought at time of purchase. NOW, Canadian KAWI is allowing a further extension on a case by case basis so long as you're still under the 3 year factory warranty.
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