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I'm from Ontario and want to buy a motorbike in Quebec and ride it home. I'm not sure of the logistics. I've seen a lot of conflicting info about this.

People who were told one thing by their local Motor Vehicle branch, only to get to Quebec and be told something else. Had to pay taxes in both provinces and apply for a rebate, which takes months and may not succeed. Had to get it safetied again in Ontario even though it was already safetied in Quebec.

I will, of course, see what my Motor Vehicle branch has to say. But I'm hoping to find someone who specifically has experience with this to tell me about it.

Maybe I can meet a seller in Montreal to look over and test ride the bike, then convince the seller to ride it 1.5hrs to the nearest Motor Vehicle branch just across the Ontario border. I presume this would make the process simpler? Unless it has to be safetied again, in which case the seller might be swearing at me. :serious:
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