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So I'm looking to buy boots, and haven't exactly narrowed down which ones, though I do know I want Alpinestars and I want a lot of protection, as much protection as I get. With that in mind, I'm looking at anything and everything they offer. From my months of research I've seen numerous times that people have commented that buying from a foreign site is good because it can save you hundreds of dollars on gear, so I poked around a few foreign sites and I'm really liking the pricing. Alpinestars' Toucan boot is $500 here, but on the two foreign sites I found it's closer to $300, with only like $25 shipping. A $325 Toucan boot would be amazing, unfortunately neither site has my size, which is a US 12, which equals a 47 in EU sizes.

So here's my question after a long-winded explanation, what foreign sites have people bought from, and how was their experience? I'm not really worried about it taking a few weeks, though I wouldn't want it to take more than a month.

The two sites I looked at are motostorm.it and fc-moto.de.

P.S. Anybody have any word on how true Alpinestars' boot sizing is? I watched a video review of the SMX 6 V2 where the guy said he was a US 12, but the 10.5 fit him best. Is that guy full of it, or do I need to order a few sizes down? I ask because fc-moto.de has the Toucan in an 11 and I'm wondering if that would fit or not. If Alpinestars runs true to size then it wouldn't because I fill up a size 12 quite well, but if they run large then it might fit.
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