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Anyone have any experience with this tire on the rear of a V2K.
I just had a set put on mine, only 5/32" of tread on front but as per the
person I spoke with at Bridgestone this tire (150/80-16) is supposed to be
good for around 20,000 miles. The rear (200/60vr16) is supposed to be good for between 9,000 and 12,000 miles. My first impression of these tires is
that they are the best I have had on my bike, it tracks better,
rides better and handles better than any tire I have had so far.
I have been through 3 sets of ME-880's and 2 sets of Dunlops, and although I liked the ME-880's best, they do not compare to these tires in ride and feel.
My only concern is the mileage, but these tires are cheap enough that I
don't suppose I could complain to much. You can buy these shipped to you
from www.ronayers.com for about 250.00. A far cry from what a set of
Metzlers will cost you.
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