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Before and after photos attached. I went with Blue Collar Bobber for the back fender, seat, and lights. 10" mini apes added. I painted the fender and tank with Eastwoods Rat Rod Black. I plan on getting after market pipes next winter, so I just hacked off the OEM pipes because they just looked too long for that style bike.

I tell, I just feel like a bad @$$ riding this bike. It is a lot of fun and rides like something completely different. Almost like going from a Ford Taurus to a Mustang. It was a fun project, but getting it out today for the first time was a blast. Back in the garage now with a winter storm coming.

Note: Lance and Cheryl at BCB were awesome. I talked with Lance several times and bounced ideas off of him and Cheryl was so polite. What great folks.
Very nice bike.
Could you please tell me if you were able to stick with stock cables when adding the ape hangers?
Gary in the UK
21 - 24 of 24 Posts