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Bob from NC- New Member

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Hello! I'm Bob aka Road Dawg from Knightdale, NC. My GF Pam and I ride a 2008 Nomad. Blue and silver. Not a lot of mods. Debaffled the exhaust and run a shorter smoke-tinted windshield.

I'm glad I found this forum and become a member. I hope to see you on the road sometime! LET'S RIDE!
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Welcome from South Texas.
Thanks! Lots of good info here and it looks active. :)
Welcome Dawg. We visit Your area every chance we get.
Not sure where Knightdale is, but welcome to the group. I get into NC at least once a month in warmer weather. Maybe we'll cross pathes and have a coffee.

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Knightdale is the next town east on Rte. 64 from Raleigh.
Yo Bob
guess who ? Its your ol buddy from in between Louisburg and Bunn.
welcome aboard

Hey Bob,

I am Jeff from Winston Salem. I am new to NC and trying to find more groups/rides. Send me a message anytime.

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