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Hello, this is a quick review on the ****** full faced motorcycle helmet by Biltwell. Overall the build and construction of the helmet is amazing especially if you are used to high quality 3/4 helmets. From the awesome construction quality this brings me into the comfort. Needless to say its similar to living inside of a pillow. I have a massive round head and got an XL. I actually emailed motor cycle superstore asking them about my head size. Seeing as I was on the verge of a XXL and an XL. The helmet is snug but is breaking in well. Another thing about the fit is that its not as bulbous as it seems.
Style. I purchased the bright Orange one and put the mirror bubble shield on it. Lets just say I get a lot of looks! There's no flipping up the bubble shield, but I only use it on the long hauls anyway. With or without the wind shield I have no problems with sweating or air flow. I am 25 years old. Looking cool is still kinda important to me (although I know some of ya'll don't care;) but, safety is paramount and a half shell was just not an option. If you are looking for a great fitting helmet that nobody on the road has and in my opinion still look cool. This is it. In other words "Want full face protection without loosing style points or wearing a crotch rocket helmets? Try the ******."

The Pictures of the orange ****** is mine. If you liked this review or have questions let me know. I have some other gear and parts I want to put reviews up for. The DOPE sticker is something I added its a joke about my friends son.

In no way am I saying any style looks particularly better. I don't shine I ride. On the other hand I am a single Marine and I have to try a little bit until I get hitched;)


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