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Reviving this thread from JAN 2018, because I need new communication devices! In July 2017, I purchased the Sena 20S. Now it's May 2020, and it's dead, won't charge at all, and is out of warranty. So, the search for something new begins. My two questions are at the end of my (long) post. 😄

Pretty much I use this solo: maps/directions, music, weather. If I ride with my husband, he's got a CB on his Harley Ultra, so I can use use Sena to make cellphone calls to him, and his phone syncs with his bike.

If I stick with Sena's current trade in offer, I can send my broken 20S and get a new 50S or 50R and qualify for a $135 rebate. 50R/50S Trade-Up Program | Sena and other links are on that site.
Either costs $339. Both are compatible with my current helmet clamp kit. The difference?
The 50R is a slimmer profile with three buttons.
The 50S is same profile as my 20S with the jog dial.

Considering what I use it for, it seems like a reasonable purchase. I never was very adept with using the Sena because, well, I didn't use it much except for maps and directions. Honestly, I never cared for how you have to finagle the controls on the helmet/the jog dial, and also make sure everything was syncing correctly first, it all always seemed cumbersome to me. When I had the J&M CB Radio set up on my VSTAR, it was very easy to use, just a simple thumb control.

Which brings me to Sena's handlebar remote, and there are two to choose from. Of course, extra $$$.
Product Comparison Remotes | Sena

So, my two questions:
Does anyone else use Sena's handlebar remote?

And, has anyone else put a CB on their Vulcan S?

Thanks - Gerry
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