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Congrats V2K_Rod!
You can congratulate our winner IN THIS THREAD *CLICK*

Year: 2006
Mode: VN2000
Engine: 2053cc
Pipes: Freedom Performance Radius Curved pipes
Seat: Corbin Dual Tour
Wheels: HD AirStrike front, stock rear.
Accessories : too many
The Story:
In the fall of 2010 I'd been looking for something larger than my 1500 Nomad. I'd payed off most of my bills and the wife gave the okay to pull the trigger.
I found a good deal in Oklahoma City, contacted the owner and made the trek from Albuquerque. On the way home the bike would not go past 2nd gear. I called the guy that sold it to me and his response was, "tough luck, I sold you a working bike". I was livid. No way to pull or haul it, I rode in second gear for 14 hours. The next day I called a wrench buddy of mine, yup, bent shift fork. He got it back up and running for me. I was mad for a while. However, after taking out my frustrations on the twisting roads of the nearby mountains I found this it was a great bike, even if I had to put some extra cash into it.
I starred at it for the longest time, and decided it needed hardbags and an Indian fender. First iteration was great. A buddy of mine from work offered to help me fit a Gilroy fender on it and room to play in his garage. We both had a great time. After we were done, we looked at the bike and started planning out future mods.
Life got in the way and in 2013 the wife and I moved to Virginia.
The Gilroy fender always sat a bit high, due to the wide front tire, and I'd managed to dent the top a few times on large potholes. I began making a wider fender out of fiberglass.
In the summer of 2014 I was laid off and given a severance. With my new found free time I decided to give the bike a full make over. Drifter rear fender was grafted to the rear. European transfer gears were installed. Chubby handlebars, air suspension, HD front wheel, sand and polish forks. Relocate rear brake caliper and rectifiers, LED lights for turn signals, run/turn/brake lights in the rear on Aurora signals. Had to find new bags to fit the new rear fender. The list goes on and on. Decided to Plasti Dip while I figure out paint. For those of you on the VN2000 side, you have probably run across my progress. I made a DIY page for most of the mods I've done: https://sites.google.com/site/rodsv2kdrifter/home
This year we moved to Florida and it's been a labor of love...
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