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Congrats Lucky!

Alright Guys and Gals I'm entering again...

I hope this isn't soliciting but I was born on Christmas Eve so winning would be pretty cool for me.
With that said I'll let my scooter do the talkin...

2005 Vulcan Classic...
I chased this scoot on Craigslist for 3 months watching the price come down a little each time...
Bone stock but with American Rider saddlebags with quick release keyed mounting brackets, Cobra rear passenger boards and a Fire and Steel windshield and sissy bar.
Second owner with 4175 miles on her...
Yep, four thousand one hundred seventy five miles...
I've now owned her for about a year and a half ...
I cashed in my 401k, rented a Uhaul trailer and drove from Pikeville, KY to Greeneville, SC to negotiate a deal.
Bought her for 3400 smackers!!!
Loaded her up and headed home to Pikeville...

She looks a bit different now...
I've added and changed a few things...

Cobra Highway bars
Cobra Dragsters exhaust system with chromed billet straight tips
Cobra chromed swingarm cover
Cobra headlight visor
Wiseco Fuel Controller
Uni oiled foam filter
NGK Iridium plugs
Krator highway pegs
Buffalo grips
Leather fringed control covers
Bikers Choice tachometer
Highway Hawk speedometer visor
Boss MC470b 4 speaker stereo system with bluetooth for use with my iPhone for tunes
Ironhorse Leather Works tank bib with an extra large pouch
Flame luggage rack
Grasshopper driver's backrest
Alaska Leather sheepskin seat cover
National Cycle chrome fender tips, front and rear
Fire and Steel "Flying V" air filter cover set
Fire and Steel fast idle knob
Fire and Steel front caliper covers
"Vulcan" reservoir covers
"Vulcan" oil fill cap
Kuryakyn rear brake pedal cover
Kuryakyn shifter cover
Kuryakyn "Deep Dish" signal covers front and rear
Kuryakyn rear brake caliper cover
Bad Ace billet swingarm pivot cover
Blazer chrome bullet driving lights
Willie and Max tool bag with Copper studs
Willie and Max sissy bar bag with Copper studs
Metzeler Marathon Ultra ME888's
Popped the rear at about 1500 miles and replaced it with an Avon Cobra AV72 for better grip
Goldwing windshield vent, eliminated ALL the buffeting
Nomad windshield badge
Custom Luckyman DIY lowers
Custom Luckyman LED rear brakelight and running light, for the need to be seen!!!
Vulcangadget emergency flashers
Hella 80/100 watt halogen headlight bulb
And last of all...
Red LED Halo lighting with multiple mode flashing, speed and intensity...
For parking lot fun, of course !!!

Click on the the thumbnails for a better view...

Really proud of her !!!
Runs like a rabbit on steroids with a
flaming ass !!!
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