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Best three cruiser innovations

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What are the three best innovations to happen to motorcycles in general and cruisers specifically?

Ill start:

1. Electric start
2. V-twin
3. Fuel injection

What are yours?
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This will sound dumb but how about a gas gauge? I had a brand new Intruder 1400 back in '98 and the only way to know when you were low on gas is when the engine sputtered and you had to switch to the reserve tank. Which meant "get gas right damn now!"
LOL! Loved that on my Sabre. When it started sputtering, I knew exactly how much gas was left in the tank.
I like the gas gauge, cruise control is first on my list, even in a four wheel vehicle. Floorboards and heel / toe shifter are highest on my list.
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Hydraulic valve lifters
gas engines, wheels. gotta go with Hydraulic valves and no chains to mess with also
FI & belt drive are my often-forgotten-they're- so-good heroes and floorboards are the blessed daily and loudly ones. If you remember String Bean from HeeHaw looking for his letter, you'll understand how my Mustang seat is close to my heart
21 - 25 of 25 Posts