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Hi folks!

As I ride my bike a lot, it always gets new and new devices that are necessary for me. Now when it will be a little break in long rides I've decided to arrange all the stuff installed on my vulcan.

What do I actually need:
- dash cams (front and rear)
- phone charger
- gps charger
- additional charging port/voltmeter just in case I do need to charge something and the power outlet is unavailable at the moment (i.e. helmet intercom, wireless headphones etc. — anything that can be charged by usb).

Actually I alerady have cameras. The set consists of two cameras, the control unit (about 10x10x2 cms) and the power source (approx. 10x4x1.5 cms). The block has to be put directly to the battery as it's "smart": it detects the voltage change and engine vibration and activates, after the shutdown it keeps working for 3 minutes more for correct file writing and just in case.

I have ordered the new phone holder with the quick charge port on it so I could keep my phone always 100% charged. I alerady have the regular USB charger so I could connect the gps and keep it online too.

After all, I have soldered the whole set together and all the chargers are connected using the relay so they all turn on only by the key and will not exhaust my battery if I decide for example keep something attached to my bike for a while.

After all this blah-blah-blah the question is: where to put it all on the bike?
What do we have is: the dash cam control unit (10x10x2) and power source (10x4x1.5); the relay and harness (appr. 3x3x3), the fuse box (6x4x4).

I actually can find a box for electrical components with the appropriate dimensions to put all that stuff into it, so there could be just the input and output cables. BUT! Where to put the box itself? There's no sufficient space under the seat as I could notice.
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