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Before and after..finally done!( well I hope)

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Finally got her done. My 99 nomad when I got her in August..

And now finished to fit me....

Just need some nice weather now so I can try her out!
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Good job , great looking bike.
Looks like 2 different bikes. Nice!
You've gotta enter that for a bike of the month!
Looks fantastic!
great looking bike, love the color combo
Heyyyyy - that looks pretty good, man!! Why did you choose to go with the solo seat (just curious)? Also, am I seeing correctly that you went from a flat finish to a layer or clearcoat on it? Nicely done!
Those white walls really finish it, looks great. Looks WAY better with the color matched saddle bags & windshield
You should know by now, you're never really "DONE" man. Looks great, good job!
Thanks all! The original owner covered it with 3m vinyl ,I merely removed some of it to reveal the original Persimmon red. Ther is Burgandy underneath the rest. I liked the look of the flat with the gloss red. Used the original color from Colorite for the fairing
I'm so JEALOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great looking, I also love the color combo.
Looks fantastic! Great color combo and gloss finish. White walls are just right.
I like there hard bags. Where did you get them?
That was a huge project but you did good. That had to have cost muy pesos!
Nicely done. I really like the looks of the faring and bags. Not sure I like the backrest, to me it looks outta place sitting on a "stick"
But great job.
Thanks all! Got to try her out the other day,and feels great.. Good point on the backrest,I may lower it some,would look a little better I think. Bags are stock
1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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