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I have a 1989 VN 750 which may ahve originated in U.S.
I've had a problem with the battery over the last couple of weeks. Unable to produce enough power to fire after leaving for more than 24 hours although it will re-charge with Optimate system within 1 hour. I assume there is a duff cell in it. The question is what model replacement would anyone suggest, or should I keep the same model as currently in place.
Thanks in advance for advice.
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You need to do a little troubleshooting with a voltmeter.

If you would like to learn, post back.
Yeah - checked with voltmeter etc - alternator working ok. Just battery not holding a charge. Need a new one but was really wanting to know if there was an improved sealed cell battery replacement. Picked up a suggestion on another forum but when i went to buy it, it was slightly different size so wouldn't fit in.
Go with a AGM (absorbed glass mat), they are spill proof. XTA14AHL-BS
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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