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Battery Terminal Overcrowding

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I added a battery maintainer harness to my bike's battery terminals. That, combined with my light bar harness and my Wolo horn harness, has created an overcrowding condition on the battery terminals. Had a little trouble getting the battery cover/tool box tray back in place and its really not seated properly. I'm sure the next add on (HID lighting? USB power port?) is just around the corner.

I've googled and binged most if not all of the various "off-the-shelf" stuff out there (terminal and accessory blocks, etc.). I'm more interested in the truly ingenious solution(s) that I know some people on this forum must have come up with.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Photos even more so!

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Aux fuse box

There are several options out there but here is one that should help avoid the issue your having. Otherwise building your own power distribution block is the other option.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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