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back shock trouble

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hello guys need a little help if you can .I ride two up I am 200p and my girl is 115 I have the shock at max and sometimes I hit a bump and it scrubs and eats the harness up had to fix this twice all ready can I put them coil things in that keep it from going down so far or do you think the shock is bad? do they make a stouter one I looked all over the forum have not seen this problem any help would be a blessing also what is grampzing thank:)
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I'm no expert but I would think by the size of some folks I've seen riding theses things, 315 pounds at full stiff setting should be a cake walk if the shock is any good at all.
Are you sure you have it set right? I'm 210, my wife is about 130. I've never bottomed out.
It sounds to me like you have something going on with your shock. If adjusted right you should be able to handle normal conditions without bottoming like that. There are several members here running an aftermarket shock that improves the ride on these bikes. One shock people use is a Progressive 465-1170. Here is a link to some posts here talking about it. http://www.vulcanforums.com/forums/archive/index.php/t-104417.html
Sounds like it may be lowered. Are you the 1st owner? How many miles? If not lowered, think you have bad shock or other suspention issues.

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no I got it used has 28000.now need a carb busted mine dang it
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