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Starting to look around for my next set of tires for my 1500 Classic. Really like the Avon Venom X AM-41/42 but they have gotten expensive.
A cheaper alternative would be the Roadrider. They list a rear tire in the correct size but not the front.
They do list a MT90-16 (130/90/16) rear tire, this would be the correct size for the front. Normally I would never run a rear tire on the front but both F&R tires have the same exact tread pattern. They are both listed as AM26's, they also list numerous tire sizes as universal F or R.
I guess I could alway install a Venom X on the front & Roadrider on the rear.
Anybody running these tires or have any input: http://www.avon-tyres.co.uk/motorcycle/roadrider
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