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Hello all! Now that I'm done complaining and satisfied ( finally ) with my bike. I'd like to contribute
my version of an auxiliary 12V accessory outlet ( cigarette lighter receptacle ) I used a dual outlet, wired into the Aux power under the seat.

Being that choose the Aux under seat, I also choose to include a switch ( Illuminated ) at the dual splice FYI- I soldered everything, but wire nuts would work.

For the switch box, I got crafty with an old cell phone power supply housing, gutted it: Heated up a red hot razor to cut the switch access.
I didn't want to make holes or get into awkward bolts/fasteners, and location was the big consideration. So all that into consideration, I found that using a tape measure belt clip would do the trick.
The clip I riveted into the switch box ( a screw wouldn't be safe! ) From there to protect the Cowl, I used a 2"x 1" piece of tire tube inside the clip ( which adds an excellent grip ). Now I don't know if any ones into all this for powering up GPS's and like electronics. But for those that want to see the alternative to accessing the Aux power in the headlight, this has it's advantages for charging the battery.
Anyway, this is my entry in the Aux power outlet archives
FYI-- I got the dual outlets @ walmart for $7 and the rest-was junk laying around, and it did't take long at all to do. Posting and pics took longer:D

Thanks, hope you like it

Check out the pics for a million words




updated location of outlets


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I was thinking about this for alternate supply
They have a few different ones. This one is the one they has in store by me. Not much bigger then a phone. Charge it with USB at home then use it to have a super battery and solar trickle charge it.

Less mess, less wiring, and no worries about forgetting to turn off and draining the bikes systems.
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