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Anyone running a Classic with sealed rims?

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Even though my current bike has spoke rims and tubed tires I am looking into what it would take to move away from tubed tires. I like spoke rims and don't want to move to alloys. My assumption is that a flat is going to happen on me in the most remote location / inopportune time and I want to be as self-sufficient as possible for flat repairs. The thought of waiting hours for assistance isn't my idea of a good time.

I just read an article about sealing spoke rims and am wondering if anyone here with a 900 Classic has done just that. Here's a link to that article:


So if you have some experience with sealing your rims then I am all ears. Or, if you think I am over-reacting to fear of inconvenience and fixing a tubed flat is just as easy as on a tubeless tire, then let me know what your experience has been with that. (I've searched for this (sealed wheels) on this forum and didn't find anything that answers my questions). Thanks, in advance.
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I would guess the trouble might be finding tubeless tires for your sealed rims.
Old DIY article, http://www.gadgetjq.com/tww.htm did not see that service listed on Wheel Works website, but they are still in business if you want to ask them. http://www.wheel-works.com/ IIRC Honda sold the Rebel 450 with sealed spokes, but only made those for 2 years.
If I am just being really honest, you are asking for trouble. Either get new rims that are made for tubeless, or if you love the spokes (like I do), ride the wheel the way it was intended. If you get a flat you get a flat. Call your insurance and upgrade your towing to the premium which gives you up to a 100 mile tow. Cost about 8 dollars a year. That should get you somewhere they can fix it. Put aside the time and money you would have spent on the conversion and keep it in your wallet so you can get a "free repair".
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