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Anybody here had a helmet stolen?

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I have not. But I'm always amazed when I go into a "big box store" at seeing a motorcycle in the parking lot with a helmet just sitting on the seat. Then I think: If someone steals it, how will the rider get home? Can't ride in MO without a helmet! Just curious what you guys/gals think about that. (It's obviously a cold, miserable day here and I have too much time on my hands. :D)

P.S. I always carry mine inside the store with me.
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Always lock mine on the bike. If someone really want to steal it then they will, but if it's not locked it makes things easy for them. Yours is the safest option I guess, but I find it a bit of a pain to carry it round with me all the time..

Helmets are obligatory here in Spain also, so no helmet means no ride.
My helmet is always one of four places, on my head, on the shelf at home, in my office at work, or locked on the bike. On my old bike, locking the helmet was easy. Stick the key in the lock, half a turn, latch pops open, stick d-ring on latch, turn key back, pull key. On the new to me 900, you have to lift the seat to lock the helmet and while not as easy as what I am used to, still works fine.
I don't know how they can NOT be stolen.

Two years ago at work, there were a few bigger Harleys that the riders left the helmets on the bike not locked for the entire work day. Maybe they thought since their bikes were so "nice" no one would think of stealing them.
I keep a small padlock with numerical code and a small steel cable just locked to my rear luggage rack. I lock my lid (and occasionally my jacket with a longer cable) when I don't have a good view of my bike. However, if I'm out in the countryside, particularly with a group, I'll often just leave it perched on my handlebars.
A couple years ago, about 40 helmets were stolen at a bike night held at the city park, all high priced lids. Only time I ever heard of helmets being taken. That said, i usually leave mine on the mirror if not too far away, bathroom break. At work my modular and full face come in most times, my 1/2 helmet goes in the saddle bag, or on the seat if on the 800. Never had an issue, yet.

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My friend puts his on his bike when away. Says he never worries about it. My half helmet fits in my saddle bag locked up.
Big T: That's a great idea for my full face helmet. Run the cable around the "front guard" part and lock it to the frame. :)
Big T: That's a great idea for my full face helmet. Run the cable around the "front guard" part and lock it to the frame. :)
That's what I do. I suppose they can cut the cable pretty easy but it's a deterrent at the least.
I keep a bicycle cable lock in my saddlebag. If I go into a store for anything off comes the helmet and jacket and I run the cable through the sleeve and helmet locking it to the bike. Works well so far.
I always wonder about someone reaching for my equipment. Do they really know that I can't see my bike or them?,,,and that I may be walking back toward it. Then I realize they don't know me or my temper.
Never had a helmet stolen off the bike, though I did lock it. Now-a-days I will carry it with me.
... Then I realize they don't know me or my temper.
Or you 'carry'?
When traveling, by myself mostly, I will either take it in with me at a restaurant or the like. Or I will hang it over the driver's backrest with the chin strap secured under the backrest when going into a store where it is inconvenient to carry it. Since the backrest can be removed without any tools securing the chin strap is mainly to keep wind or some other accidental event from moving my helmet from the bike. (but they don't know that)
I tend to lock most of my stuff up in bags when away from it and I can't or don't want to carry it with me.

I have never had anything taken from me besides a couple pairs of gas station glasses that were left on seats when going into a gas station. Even when in Sturgis during the Rally I've left helmets and my jacket on the bars of the bike in town while we were wondering around. They were still there several hours later when we returned.

However I have been with people who have had things taken:
- Jackets taken out of bags at the Minneapolis Metro Dome during a Twins game.
- Detachable sissy bar for a Road King at a small ride event up north
- Gloves left on the triple tree at a local bar
helmet lock

The Vulcan 500 doesn't have a helmet lock built in. I bought one and installed on the left vertical bar of the handle bars. Works great. Is chrome so blends with the bars. I lock up the D-Ring on my Akoury. Actually, one of the reasons why I got the lock, was because there is no sturdy spot I could leave my helmet on. It can easily get knocked off the seat. Jamming between the handlebars/cables and tank isn't too bad, but it's still slipped out on occasion. Hate dropping lids.

But I sometimes wonder how some guys just leave their lids out in the open unlocked and unattended. But I've never heard of anyone I know getting their helmet stolen. I would think most people would know better than to [email protected]#$ with a biker's helmet. ;-) Or, messing with someone's helmet is like messing with their brakes or seat belt, and most people aren't sociopaths. Lol I'm sure there are the very few morons, drunk or otherwise, that will be stupid enough not to think before acting and play with one. Then they learn the hard way when the owner comes out. Lol
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Your could always paint your helmet fluorescent pink, with your name in big, purple block letters. No much chance of that being stolen. :rolleyes:
I do not carry my helmet with me. If I meet my wife someplace I just put it in her car, at work it goes inside. Anywhere else I just set it on the backrest. I would rather have the helmet stolen than have someone screw up my bike trying to get the helmet. The cable lock sounds good, except for the opportunity to have a helmet or shield scratched. Besides around here some would take it as a personal challenge.
On Gadget's site, he mentions moving the helmet lock to the front on the windshield or to the back on the license plate, I like that as my locks are covered by my bags, so I just may have to move the locks. Hmmm. 2 up front, 2 in the back or 1 each....... decisions, decisions.
But if there was a wreck anywhere near that paint scheme, would one be cited or liable for the traffic distraction???
And in Texas I shudder to think what might happen to a male rider in some of these rural towns.......
I take mine with me if going into a store for any long period of time. But they could take it in an instant if they wanted it bad enough. Hell I still have one helmet a cherry red old fashioned one I bought when I had my first Honda 50cc back in 1965. An antique for sure. It still looks as good as the day I bought it too. Never had one taken yet "Knock On Wood".
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