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Any Ohio Riders on Here?

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Just putting a feeler out there to see how many Ohio riders there are on the forum. I am new to the Vulcan family and would like to meet new my brothers and sisters. LOL So Ohio riders, sound off!
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Formerly was, but now in Ga.. Still make a trip back home every year to see family in Oh., Pa., & In.. I'm from eastern Ohio along the river, usually home in early-mid summer. Welcome to the forum!

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Hi. I'm in Lima a. There is a pretty busy Vulcan group in the Dayton/Cincinatti area.
Ohio rider here, but I don't ride my Vulcan in Ohio. LOL!
I'm 20 miles SW of Cle, any good rides always involve heading south of here usually splitting between I-71 and I-77 getting into some topography and roads that aren't all east/west and north south and flat as Kansas.
I'm near the land of Cleve as well. Macedonia area - I ride south to Akron on Riverview Rd through the park on a daily basis; it's a nice ride.
Montgomery County
Shelby County, about half way between Lima and Dayton.
Live near Cincinnati. Little north of the city in the suburbs.

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