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Hello all,

Any mechanically inclined riders in Madison WI? I'd be thrilled if someone on this forum sees this from the area and would help me take a look at my new-to-me 2001 vn800a.

I posted over in the engine work area about a possible blown head gasket. Heres the quick synopsis:

Did a valve adjustment and tightened the tops back on without a torque wrench (1st mistake) and took it on a ride without topping off the coolant (2nd mistake)

I was riding down the interstate at 85mph when suddenly my speed started dropping. I would have pulled over right away but I thought I only needed to change to reserve tank so I get it gunned for an additional 200 yards until I smelled smoke. I saw thick white smoke coming out of my tailpipes so I cut the engine. I saw smoke coming from my airfilter box so I removed that cover and saw smoke whisping out of the smallest hole which leads to a breather hose which I had routed in my crankcase. The engine was very hot but I didn't hear any ticking or snapping or cracking leading up to the smoke.

So far I drained the oil which looks normal to me (not exaggeratedly light brown like chocolate milk) and pulled the plugs which are dry.

What should I try next?
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