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Any Cobra fatty comparison pictures?

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Anyone have any pictures that show the difference between the Fatty cobras and the standard or just other 1.25" crash highway freeway engine guard... or what ever people are calling Crash Bars today. haha

Before I orderd my Fatties today for my 07 Vulcan 1600 Classic. I thought I remember seeing someones post of 2 bikes.... One with standard bars. And the other with Fatties. Wanted to show the OL' lady why I ordered them.

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I don't know about the Fatty for the 1600, but for the V2K the Fatty is the only bar that goes all the way across, down in front of the bottom of the engine. After I had a street cover hop up and crack my crankcase, this was the only one I would consider for my replacement bike.
Old bike, stock (LT) bars:

New bike, Cobra Fatty:
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That lower bars protection was a big selling point for me. A lot or most vulcan bars I was researching were all open top designs. That went across the bottom and tge upper parts strapped to the down frame bar.

The 1600 classic's don't have as many options I've seen on your Y2K and other models like mean streaks.

I like how the upper bars U-Bolt to the frame on your bikes. I ordered the Cobra Fatties. But in my opinion. Based on my Fatties design and look. The top part has some Off-set bracket. So any bad tip or fall. Im thinking... I can plan on replacing everything behind the radiator.

But I guess in the end. My legs or feet. And the bulk of the motor is the most important parts to recover from. But she might not sit up and ride after a bad fall. Not sure. Just don't like or trust the mounts on the Cobra Fatty for my 07 Culcan 1600 Classic.

But at least I can compensate, and tell people my bars are bigger then theirs. Hahaha jokeing
You can do an image search for your bike and you might find three out of a hundred that have the thins. The fat bars just fit the bigger framed bikes better.
Go right to the Cobra home site - all the pics you want.
But at least I can compensate, and tell people my bars are bigger then theirs. Hahaha jokeing
Hell, that's why I got my bike (V2K)!
Hahaha hahaha
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